Content Management

Many websites and apps rely on a team of people for development and ongoing management. Basically, a lot of cooks making soup. This means that several people, often in different locations with varying skills (and temperaments), need controlled access to manage content and features. It also means sites themselves need some automation for publishing and moving content. This process can be rewarding if done right or like a team of robots gone berserk if not. We help our clients do it right.

Enabling eclectic teams of users (including content managers, copy writers, sales people, designers, programmers) to produce excellent digital output is made possible by a content management system, or CMS. By separating the complexities of programming from content building and updating, a CMS enables more users (cooks) to have a viable role in site upkeep (soup), while providing powerful site management and development tools for administrators. It also enables the implementation of the features users want most, such as automated news, member's areas, blogs, sharing tools and much more.

Raven can help you select and implement one of the many CMS solutions available, including open-source options. We'll find you one that is completely Web-based and uses a simple interface that can be learned in minutes. It must cater to power users and programmers alike, featuring source code editing capabilities and several add-on modules to boost the feature set.

The opportunities are mind-boggling. Let Raven Creative implement a CMS that works the way you do.